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Bubble ShootersBubble Shooter is probably the best casual puzzle game. It owes its popularity to being so intuitive that it takes only a few seconds to get started. The game is some kind of a cross between “Connect Four” and “Tetris”. Its screen consists of rows of multi-colored balls. The player sees not only the current but also the next ball for a shot.

There is also an arrow at the bottom of the gaming window with the help of which you can change the trajectory of a shot. The direction of the arrow is mouse controlled. To fire a new bubble you should left-click your mouse. Since Bubble Shooter has over 100 different and challenging levels, color schemes of the balls vary depending upon the game complexity.

Game Rules

The aim of this game is to break all the bubbles from the gaming board or achieve as high score as possible. You get points by grouping three or more balls of the same color. By doing so, you make the bubbles explode. Any bubbles that are hanging from them will explode too. The more bubbles burst from one shot, the more points you gain. Besides, new balls bounce off the sides of the board; that enables shooting them in more advanced angles. After you shot six new bubbles, a new line of balls will be added. You get a foul if you miss; a new row will appear when there’re several fouls. If a bubble reaches the bottom border of the screen, the game ends.

Game History

The first version of Bubble Shooter game was released in 2001 and for a long time it was considered as a game for children. But Bubble Shooter is so interesting and addictive that it enjoys now a great popularity among teens and adults. Initially, the game was intended for desktops but the interest for it grew and it underwent a change. Thus, inventors created various new variants of the game that come along with background music, beautiful graphics and some more challenges. Moreover, Bubble Shooter quickly spread to smartphones and tablets due to its simplicity. Free flash versions of the game can be found on many sites and serve for generating audience and traffic for advertising. In general, about 200 million players from all over the world formed the audience of Bubble Shooter lovers.

Why Play Bubble Shooter

In addition to the fact that Bubble Shooter is much fun, it is believed to sharpen our mind power as our thinking ability is used to the maximum. Furthermore, they are good at enhancing the level of judgment of our mind. So one can say without tongue in cheek, that playing Bubble Shooter games is not wasting but investing time in them.